Cast & Crew

Andy Sutton - Writer and Director

Andy has always been a movie, art and music lover from a young age.
He also enjoys long romantic walks on the beach and blowing the heads off creatures from outer space.

Paul Pantano as Traye

Traye appears as the soft shy guy, but underneath he possesses a strength not-yet realised.
The love of his life Sal, pushes him beyond self-limiting beliefs, to pursue a life he could not dream of without her.
How far he will go to protect her has not been tested...until now.

May Grehan as Sal

Adored by all, while her love for Traye matters most.
An adventurous spirit sometimes gets the better of her, landing in all kinds of strife.
Sal never deviates from her protection of Traye, ensuring no battles go unwon.
Sal remains loyal to Traye no matter how tempting other offers may be.

Ben Davy-Thorburn as Samuel

Head of Medicine: Royal Stanton Hospital
Samuel's staff are managed under strict workflows and guidelines based on his professional experience and extensive medical training.

Serious and self-disciplined, Samuel has no time for games when lives are at stake.

Paul Berenger as Scott

From a broken home and abusive father, Scott takes out his frustrations upon the world.

Special attention is given to Traye as Scott is fueled by jealously for the girl he always desired.

Matt James as Matt

Never knowing where the day will take him, Matt lives life by the seat of his pants.
As the class-clown back in school with his best mate Scott, Matt seeks out an adrenaline hit to fill his days.
Playing wingman to Scott and bullying Traye are Matt's favourite pastimes.

Production Crew

John Marsh :: 1st Assistant Director
Aleksei Vanamois :: DOP/Data Wrangler
Nathan Wiles :: 1st Assistant Camera
Bryn Morrow :: 2nd Assistant Camera
Dom Dupuche :: Sound Recordist/Boom
Sabrina This :: Production Manager
Lisa Cotterill :: SFX Make-up
Michaela Mihnjak :: SFX Make-up Assistant
John Bradley :: SFX Casting Assistant
Tim Worner :: Extra/Light Boom
Ty Morgan :: Photographer
Stuart Mallia :: Stills
Julia Fehling :: Runner

Post Production

Heather Hay :: Digital Colourist
Rodney Meier :: Editing Supervisor
Chris Gardner :: Technical Assistant
Amanda Lee :: Character Rigging
Jordan Mclinnes :: Rigging/Muscle Technician
Mike Gibson :: Nuke FX
Stephane Vogel :: 3D Tracker
Andy Sutton :: 2D/3D VFX/Animation
Robert Dinnerville :: End Titles/Credit Roll
Ivan La Rosa :: Meteorite FX TD
Sina Rahimpour :: FX Artist
Jialing Zhang :: Additional Animation
Christine Macabuag :: Logo Design


George Kalyvas
(Lord Marius)
:: Composer

Kyle Evans :: Sound Designer
Thom Kellar :: Audio Engineer
Damien Lane :: Trailer Music

With Special Thanks to:

FSM Film, TV and Post Red Apple Camera Hire
Beautiful Noise Australian Cinematographers Society